130 Years of Volunteer Service to the Town of Hammonton
Our Members - Your Neighbors - All Volunteers - Everyday Since 1886
We could not do it without your continued support - Thank You!

Our New Year's Message 2017

We want to thank all of the residents of Hammonton for all that you do to make this a wonderful community to live in.

In 2016 we received over 400 calls-for-service. As firefighters we know that every call is important, but none more so than the next.

Someone must be there to answer the call again and again. For 130 years the dedicated men and women of Hammonton Volunteer Fire Company #1 have answered the call for their neighbors.

We are proud of the work we do and grateful for the strength to serve unselfishly.

Together we will carry on the mission.

Happy New Year!

Elected Company Officers for 2017

President, Ron Mascola

 Vice president, Bruce Caporale

 Treasurer, Peter Berenato

 Secretary, Nick DeStefano

 Trustee, Anthony Parzanese

 Captain, Frank Domenico

 Lieutenant, AJ Berenato

 Lieutenant, Jim Badagliacco

 Lieutenant, Mickey Pullia

 Lieutenant, Bob Thornewell

 Safety Officer, Nick DeStefano

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